Our Emotions Are Messages

Our emotions are messages. For example, they are there to warn us our boundaries have been crossed or that we need some time to ourselves. They may let us know about something we love!

Each emotion is trying to tell us something. Teaching this to our children, and for many of us adults, learning it along with them can be such a benefit to their/our well-being. It helps us separate who we are from the emotion that is passing through. It can help us identify areas of our life that we can make changes in order to live a more fulfilling life. All emotions help us to grow.

Our book, Let It Go covers four emotions; sadness, anger, shame and fear and shows children ways to let those emotions go so as to not store them inside. 

This book will hopefully start conversations around emotions and ways to release them.  We include at the back of the book six steps when an emotion comes to visit:

Notice the emotion and where you can feel it in your body.

Label the emotion, 'This is sadness' or 'This is fear'.

Allow your emotions space and acknowledge they are with you.

Always remember that all emotions will pass. Give it time.

Think about what could have happened for the emotion to visit you.

When you feel ready, let the emotion go in a way that works for you.

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If you or someone you know, or your child, is struggling with any emotions we always advise to seek professional help from your doctor, a psychologist or counsellor.  Never be ashamed or worried about reaching out for help.