Wildlings Give

The Wildling Crew are a generous bunch, and we believe in doing good wherever we can!   

Here are some of the ways the Wildling Crew like to make a positive difference within their business:
  • Wildlings love to care for Mother Earth and so all our books are made using wood-free paper (FSC) a sustainable paper substitute. 
  • We gave away 2,000 sunflower packs with included six sunflower seeds from Koanga Gardens free with a copy of the first 2,000 Sunflowers Don't Grow In Winter books. We hope the birds, bees and butterflies enjoyed the sunflowers as much as the kids did!
  • We routinely donate boxes of our books to I Got Your Back Pack for kids fleeing domestic violence.
  • We donated 120 Aroha’s Way books to I AM HOPE to give away to kids and schools around the country.
  • We have donated 169 native trees so far to Trees That Count, 20c from the sale of every Aroha Knows book.   We are tree lovers since forever and so this makes us so happy! We will aim to donate a heap more ... watch this space.
  • All our books are packed in cardboard and even our packing tape can all be home composted.
  • We donated 120 Aroha's Way books to NSW schools during the 2018 bush fires to help children suffering from anxiety due to the fires.
  • We have donated books to the Storylines Foundation who run the Taonga moo ngaa Tamariki programme in prisons, where they give prisoners an opportunity to put together packs of books and games to send out to their children.
  • We have donated countless books to various schools and organisations and will continue to randomly do this.

"No one has ever become poor by giving." - Anne Frank