What does positive mental health look like in my daily life?

What does positive mental health look like in my daily life?


Keeping busy with meaningful tasks!

It took massive break down in my twenties to realise how important looking after my ‘thoughts’ were.  What I mean by that is, I had to be careful not to allow too much free time for my brain to ruminate on things.  So, for me, feeling good about life is keeping myself busy and not just on anything, meaningful projects, like the books we are creating here at Wildling Books.  Sharing the ways that have helped me over the years to stay mentally well with others, especially children. 

I don’t want to glorify being busy because there is definitely a balance there.  It is finding out what works for you. But for me, quite busy is good.

Going to the gym!

Allowing myself to really sweat it out and push myself at the gym makes me feel SO GOOD! I mean, it is hard to get myself there, but I never regret going and it has become part of life now.  The confidence you get from feeling physically strong and healthy definitely rubs off on how you might feel mentally, well, it does for me.

Laughing out loud!

Laughing is another important part of staying well for me.  I am lucky to be surrounded by some very funny people who make me laugh out loud regularly.  So good for the mind, body, and soul.


I am consciously aware of how lucky I am. I used to write in a gratitude journal for many years but now it has just become a way I live. I am so aware each day of many things that I can be grateful for and so now live life in a state of contentment often. This has taken a long time to achieve but helps me immensely.


My cousin and I joke that we might actually be reptiles, because we just love being in the sun. It is almost as it charges us up. I certainly feel so much more energy and a lot happier with a good dose of sunshine.

Being in Nature!

Any time in the garden, swiming in the lake, going for a bush walk, all these types of things make me feel alive. Connecting with the Earth provides me with a great sense of peace. As someone who is prone to being quiet anxious, getting into nature is a great way to help me feel grounded and calm.

What does positive mental health look like for you? 

Bex Lipp x