What is the best Christmas gift to give your children?

I have been busy wrapping up 24 books.  Books that we already have at home, mixed up with a few new ones.  Instead of a traditional chocolate advent calendar, this year, I thought we might do a countdown to Christmas with books. 

Because, what is the best Christmas gift to give your children?

Your time, your connection!

Nothing says you love someone more than spending time with them. Really connecting, sharing a moment and a kōrero.

Each night as we count down to the big day I will let my boys pick one of the wrapped up books and we will enjoy reading it together.  Snuggled in bed or on the sofa.  We have some classics in there including a few from Dr. Seuss and firm family favourites like Stickman and Who Sank the Boat?

It always surprises me what books the kids love.  My eldest loved a book I found at a second hand store called, The Street Cleaner.  It was a board book and all about how she went around cleaning up the streets and picking up rubbish.  He loved it so much.

You may have heard that we don't DO CHRISTMAS, in the sense that there will be no gifts under our tree.  In our whāre, we know that Christmas is about spending time with those that we love and it is a time for giving.  For many, many years now the kids have gone without gifts and instead given out gift cards at the supermarket on Christmas Eve.  They get the most amazing responses from people and they just love it! 

We (western society) spend so much time, money and a heap of stress around this time to year for the ones we love, when really, what matters the most is being there with each other.  Sharing some kai together and really mindfully enjoying the connection and time, that the Christmas holiday offers so many of us. 

So, if you find yourself getting stressed about all you need to do, what you need to buy ... remember what really matters and decide if you actually need to buy all the things and do all the things. 

Bex x